iOS 11 public beta helps users to call 911 with a tweak method


Apple has reportedly added a new feature in iOS 11 public beta, which provides an ability to disable Touch ID. The new technique has been codenamed as cop button. Moreover, the upcoming iOS 11 will enable users to establish connectivity with 911 by quickly tapping the power button. The new update will also prevent unwarranted logins.

After the installation of iOS 11, users will be able to able to call 911 from within iPhone 7 by quickly tapping the power button five times. The presence of this feature has been confirmed by a CNET news editor in iOS 11 public beta. Meanwhile, Kia aka @alt_kia took to Twitter and revealed that iOS 11 will be a game changer for Touch ID. By pressing power button five times, it opens a new second screen. However, it forces passphrase entry.

The feature won’t dial emergency services. It provides an option to call 911 or disable Touch ID until the owner of the iPhone inputs their passcode. The new feature is available in iOS 11 public beta, which is expected to extend to the full stable release.

In all probability, Apple will bundle iOS 11 with the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. However, the iPhone 7 users will be able to upgrade their operating platform to work with the feature. Interestingly, the new feature has been named as cop button, which is used to denote the FBI’s attempt to force Apple to unlock an iPhone used by an offender in 2015.

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Do you have iPhone 7? If yes, why not you try the new feature available in iOS 11 public beta. Please share your comments regarding this new feature.

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