How Did Elephone P8 Become the Best? Find Out

Elephone P8

Elephone released camera-centric smart phone named Elephone P8 and Elephone P8 Mini at the start of 2017. According to the Chinese marketing survey, 88% of the customers check the camera functions first when they purchase a smartphone. Elephone P8 got rave reviews among tech enthusiasts because of its attractive features. In this article, we will examine the top reasons to buy Elephone P8 with relevant images and videos.


Elephone P8 is equipped with Helio P25 processor, 6GB RAM coupled with 64GB internal storage. The processor is powerful than ever and can run any big 3D games easily. If you don’t know about RAM, Elephone treats it as a road. The large the RAM is, the wider the road is.

The company revealed that 1GB RAM is just like a narrow road and your APPs in the road are just like cars that running on the road. If many cars run on the narrow road, then it will cause a traffic jam. Moreover, your phone will have shutters.

The addition of 6GB RAM is just like two-way streets. The wider the road is, the smoother the road is. The Elephone P8 is capable of running more than 40 apps with no shutters.


When it comes to the smartphone, most of us look up to the camera first. Nowadays, smartphone already replaced huge DSLR. A camera phone with good quality and high pixels can give people good user experience. Elephone P8 is capable of capturing the beautiful moment depending upon the requirements of the user.

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Elephone P8 is equipped with 21MP Sony IMX230 rear camera alongside 16MP Samsung 3P3 front camera. The rear camera offers high-quality debugging in the gloss and color. The phone will be able to capture brilliant images even in extreme low-light conditions. Moreover, the company has made an effort to integrate the bokeh effect.

Elephone P8 low light

According to Elephone, the bokeh effect included with the Elephone P8 looks better than iPhone 7 Plus. The rear camera is infused with soft flash, which can fill the light.


When you on a market to purchase a smartphone, you need to verify the sound quality. We myself felt bad after purchasing several smartphones because of the bad sound quality during calls. Elephone P8 is equipped with not only the best camera but also feature a good amplifier. When you feel happy, music is a good friend with you to enjoy and dance. While in a low mood, you can feel the better musician interpretation of the details.

A smartphone with excellent sound effects not only can bring high-quality user experience but also can bring you a good mood. Elephone P8 is integrated with the next-generation NXP amplifier. Hence, whether you are playing video games or listening to music, it can give you the most real feeling.


A smartphone is a necessary thing in modern people’s daily life. We always carry them everywhere. However, you may worry about the overall battery consumption of the phone. According to estimates, 86% of the people will take a power bank along with them on a trip. Powered by a 3600mAh battery, the Elephone P8 is capable of delivering a backup of over 12 hours. The phone will deliver a backup of one full day upon normal usage. There will be no need to charge the phone every day. Elephone has conducted a test of the fully-charged phone by watching a video. The phone delivered a backup of over 12 hours.

Our life is becoming more and more digital and more automated, and the same as our smartphone. Elephone P8 is not only a large-capacity camera phone but also a smartphone with many exclusive functions. Do you want to know about the little functionalities infused with the Elephone P8? Check out the video below.

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