GameSir G4s Review: Compact and Powerful Controller

GameSir G4s

Nowadays, tech enthusiasts and geeks including kids play games with their smartphones. We have seen kids playing games for an extended time. The disadvantage of playing games with the smartphones is that all the operations need to be performed with the device by holding it in a particular direction and rotating the device in all possible directions. It will not be a problem to play for 5 to 10 minutes. However, hardcore gamers will experience problems if they play games using the smartphone for an extended time. Hence, it is essential for them to make use of gaming controllers such as GameSir G4s. Based in Hong Kong, GameSir is a popular company involved in the manufacture of wireless gaming controllers since 2007. We have been experimenting with the GameSir G4s controller (review unit) for the last 10 days. Does the controller help you to play games? Will there be any problem? Let’s find out.


The GameSir G4s product package consists of the controller, clip, USB cable and user manual. You need to make use of the clip if the smartphone doesn’t fit well on the controller. If you are the first timer, you need to read the user manual since it contains instructions for operating the controller unit.

GameSir G4s Unboxing


GameSir G4s is equipped with a 32-bit MCU chipset, which is capable of achieving computation capability of up to 48-million times per second. Moreover, the G4s is integrated with Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 technology to provide high sensitivity and accuracy during gaming.

The controller enables you to adjust vibration intensity and frequency and displays the battery power indicator in LED. The GameSir G4s is powered by an 800mAh OV charging battery, which delivers 30 hours of standby time. It is possible to save power using the Automatic sleep mode.

The GameSir G4s is designed in an ergonomic fashion and provides excellent grip even in smooth surface conditions. The company has provided the button layouts in such a manner that you can operate efficiently and without any pain. It features a pressure-sensitive D-pad with a unique design of R2/L2 triggers. The main buttons are physically designed with LED lights.

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GameSir G4s

The advantage of the G4s controller is that it provides support for holding smartphones from 3.5-inch to 6-inch in 110-degree and 150-degrees respectively. Moreover, the integrated 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle helps you to play with Windows PC, PS3, and Android TV Box. You can not only work with the controller using smartphones but also with standard PCs.

GameSir has employed mirror polishing technology with A/B/X/Y (built-in LED buttons) and D-pad buttons. We noticed while testing that the buttons provide great comfort while gaming with a high degree of accuracy. We managed to press the button without any kind of discomfort. Moreover, even after placing the LeEco Le 2 smartphones, the gamepad doesn’t add weight to the whole controller.

GameSir G4s

GameSir has taken great effort to design the distance between the buttons as per the radius of thumb. The controller includes floating D-pad to enable you to work with eight compass points. The 360-degree analog joysticks provide firm and responsive action paired with triggers in car racing and drifting games.

The main attraction of the GameSir G4s is that if there is no connection after one minute of powering on, the controller will enter the sleep mode. It will also enter into the sleep mode if there is no operation within five minutes. This will save a considerable amount of battery life, which you can make use of while gaming. It is possible to save power by pressing A/B/X/Y LEDs including R1 and L1 buttons at the same time.

To work with GameSir G4s, you need access to any device with Android 4.0 and above. It includes smartphones, tablets, smart TV, TV Box including Windows PC. The product is also compatible with Samsung Gear and Android-enabled Virtual Reality headsets. It is possible to establish connectivity via Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle (bundled with the product) and standard wire mode using USB cable. It is possible to play games using the supplied cable with your computer or laptop.

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To start working with the GameSir G4s, you need to activate Bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone or any other Android device. The next step is to place the device on to the Gamepad. Initially, you will face slight difficulty while clamping the phone with the controller. However, with experience, you will be able to place the phone quickly.

GameSir G4s assembled

After activating Bluetooth and the device placement, you need to pair the device with the name Gamesir-G4s by navigating to the Settings menu. The phone will establish connectivity and your gamepad will slightly vibrate. You can now start playing with Gamesir G4s.

Once you have placed the phone, the next step is to activate the controller by pressing the Home button, which is located on the middle portion. You will have to press on it until all the LED lights glow and the home button will start to blink. The GameSir G4s ships in charged condition directly from the factory. Hence, you need not have to charge the gamepad initially.

GameSir G4s

Before starting, you need to install a compatible game. If you select GameSir World link option from the official website, you will be able to view a list of all the supported games. You just need to navigate to the Google Play Store and search for the game. Moreover, it is also possible to view the supported games by installing the GameSir World App.

We installed Death Rally game and played with it without any problem. You have to make use of the steering wheel on the left side to play the game. The wheel is designed in an ergonomic manner and hence you will not feel any pain while using it. You have to move the wheel in all possible directions while playing with the game. The wheel located on the right side can be used to shoot objects.

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The user manual included with the Gamesir G4s includes all the required instructions. If the font on the manual is small, you can download it in PDF format from the official site. We would suggest the company to print the manual in a bigger font so that users can easily read the content without any difficulty. Moreover, the company should also consider including the required manual inside the GameSir World app.


Gamesir G4s is an excellent gaming controller, which will satisfy your needs to become a professional gamer. With continuous usage, you will be able to work with the controller in a comfortable manner. The company provides excellent support and a list of all the compatible games. We feel that the Gamesir G4s is an unavoidable controller for not only hardcore gamers but also beginners. You can potentially destroy your smartphone display with a wide range of actions directly from the controller.

The Gamesir G4s controller is available at an affordable price at $37.99 for a limited time from Gearbest. You will be able to save 16% on the market price and the offer is applicable only for the next five days. Don’t wait for a long time. The stocks will not last for you. Grab the controller today and play hard.

GameSir G4s

GameSir G4s









          User manual





              • Easy to use
              • Soft rubber controls
              • Premium grip
              • Lengthy cable
              • Excellent packaging
              • Worldwide availability


              • Little heavy

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