Chuwi LapBook Air With 8GB RAM & 128GB Storage Expected Soon

Chuwi LapBook Air

Chuwi has announced the release of a new Chuwi LapBook Air notebook with 8GB RAM and 128GB flash internal storage with M.2 SSD expansion support. Touted to be the thinnest laptop, the Chuwi LapBook Air measures only 6mm thickness coupled with 1.3kgs in weight. The company claims that the laptop will help users to use it without any burden.

Chuwi LapBook Air will feature a 14.1-inch IPS fully-laminated FHD display alongside 320cd/m2 brightness. The design surface looks identical to that of a MacBook with the full-metal fuselage. Furthermore, the LapBook Air will be equipped with 8GB internal storage and 128GB storage, which will be sufficient for performing all major tasks.

Chuwi LapBook Air

When the market is flooded with 4GB and 6GB devices, the Chuwi has managed to tap professional customers with a powerful device. According to a survey conducted by Chuwi, a computer with plenty of RAM will be faster and will be able to handle programs simultaneously. Even though it is possible to open several dozens of programs at once even with a very small amount of RAM, it will drastically slow down your computer.

With Chuwi LapBook Air, it is possible to have smooth experience even if you open several tabs at the same time. You can also play heavy games or work with Photoshop without slowing down your system. The 8GB RAM will enable you to work with your laptop easily with perfection.

Chuwi has integrated 128GB internal storage with the upcoming LapBook Air, which helps you to store plenty of files without depending upon external storage. Moreover, the storage disk provides support for M.2 SSD expansion capability for future usage. It will be very much possible to store plenty of new files, install more apps and perform heavy duty multitasking activities.

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The design of the Chuwi LapBook Air looks appealing with a huge beast inside the body. The logo features a very soft light and the keyboard comes wit backlit technology to enable users to work under darkness. The Chuwi LapBook Air will be a game changer with plenty of new features inside a small design.

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