Why Elephone S8 Is Better Than Xiaomi Mi Mix? Find Out The Reasons

Elephone S8

Elephone S8 is a new smartphone with an attractive tri-bezel-less display. Xiaomi Mi Mix is also a smartphone released with bezel-less display in 2016. The main highlight of Elephone S8 is the integration of a 2K display instead of Xiaomi Mix, which ships with a conventional FHD display. The company has released a series of exclusive images to demonstrate the uniqueness of the Elephone S8 smartphone.

For the sale of comparison, the company has released the pictures with same pixel, resolution, and icons. Elephone sources revealed to us that it is difficult to find the obvious difference between the new pictures. However, when you zoom in the picture several times, it is possible to find an amazing difference.

The margin line of the icon on Xiaomi Mix is sawtooth, while on Elephone S8, it is still smooth! After that, let’s have a look at letters. We chose the first chapter of “Harry Porter”, and zoom them up to the same sizes. Here, you will be able to visualize the difference clearly.

While the resolution of FHD display is 2040×1080, the resolution of the 2K display can crank up to 2560×1440. From the screenshots, we can see that the pictures on 2K display are more delicate and have higher saturation than FHD display. Moreover, the screen-to-body ratio of the Elephone S8 is 92.4% instead of 91.3% in Xiaomi Mix.

On the specifications front, the Elephone S8 is equipped with a 6-inch display, Helio X25 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, 21MP rear camera, 8MP front-facing camera loaded with Android 7.1 Nougat. A powerful 4000mAh battery provides power for the handset.

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The addition of 4GB RAM helps the phone to work faster without any lags. The camera provides support for auto-docus and LED flash light. The integration of Android 7.1 Nougat brings in all the latest features such as split-screen, improved multitasking and enhanced power saving mode via Doze.

Elephone S8 is available on presale exclusively on Gearbest at $279.99 up to September 24. The product package will ship to customers starting September 26. Please click the source link below to place your order before the phone goes out of stock.

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