Blue Whale Game Administrator Arrested In Russia

Blue Whale Game
Source: Pexels

The Russian police have arrested a 17-year old unnamed girl, who is believed to be the administrator of the Blue Whale game. This is the first time police have arrested the main person behind the development of the dangerous game. The girl had issued death threats to all gamers who played the game and was nabbed from the Khabarovsk Krai region in southeastern Russia.

Photos recovered

The police also conducted a detailed combing operation in her house and recovered several photos of the people who have completed the challenge. There are reports that police is deeply questioning her to know all the details. Police also recovered an image of the producer of the Blue Whale game.

Commenting on the development, Colonel Irina Volk, of the Russian Interior Ministry disclosed that the administrator was sending life-threatening tasks to several members to players. She also obtained images from the players and also prompted them to commit suicides.

Brutal tasks

The Blue Whale game revolves around 50 tasks that should be completed in 50 days. The purpose of the game is to create a trauma like situation forcing gamers to commit suicide in the final stage. The task involves watching horror movies, visiting beaches and cemeteries at night time including swimming in a river.

Previously, police have also arrested Ilya Sidorov (26), who is said to be the main mastermind behind the game. According to Metro UK, he had allocated admin roles for several people and investigations are going on. Meanwhile, police also arrested a notepad, which listed several weak points to target the victims.

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The Blue Whale game created panic among people due to the peculiar nature of the game. The aim of the Blue Whale game is to encourage and prompt users to complete challenges and submit the photos.

As part of the gaming process, students started to commit suicide since this was the part of the game. Moreover, students started to draw painful blood stained tattoos on their hand, which was reportedly forwarded to the admin. Recently, media reports revealed several instances of students committing suicides from all over the world after playing the game. The game used to ask gamers to visit beaches and other places at odd hours as part of the task.

It is to be noted that local governments across the world have issued advisories to parents to monitor the playing habits of the kids. There are several addictive and mental games available at Google Play Store. Parents should make use of them to create a good gaming habit. Some of the games that are useful for children are Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, My Talking Tom, Candy Crush Saga, Baahubali, Hill Climb Racing 2 and much more.

We hope that police will recover all the source file created for the purpose of the development of the Blue Whale Game and should erase the game from the system. Going forward, game developers should concentrate on the development of new games to test the mental and brain skills of the gamers.

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