Samsung Galaxy Note 8 256GB Storage Model Is Beyond Budget

Samsung Galaxy Note
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is up for pre-order in the US. The latest report emerging from Korea suggest that the 256GB storage model has been priced at $1104, which is very expensive for a smartphone. The 64GB default storage model is available for $930, which is also a bit expensive for a smartphone.

The handset was recently launched with a wide range of features such as the dual camera, Iris scanner including a fingerprint sensor. According to sources, the number of Galaxy Note 8 sold on the first day of preorder is more than the Galaxy Note 7 sales figures in 2016.

In a report published by The Korea Herald, as many as 395,000 units of the Galaxy Note 8 was sold via pre-order. The report reveals the fact that 64% of the customers opted for the Blue variant of the 64GB internal storage model. It remains to be seen as to how the company will manage to sell the Deep Blue Sea model after its launch.

When it comes to the Note 7, the company sold 380,000 units on the first day. Hence, the newly launched Galaxy Note 8 sales have been increased by 15000 units. However, the Note 7 reached the current sales position of the Note 8 but it took nearly 13 days from the start of the preorder.

The performance of the Galaxy Note 8 can be compared with the Galaxy S8. Interestingly, Samsung managed to sell more than 550,000 units in the first two days from the start of preorder.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available for eight days in Korea for the pre-order and the trend indicates that the company is all set to clock more than one million sales during the pre-order interval. Even though you can place an order now, the phone will ship on September 15. The handset will also be available via offline retail stores from September 21.

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There are reports that the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone will launch in India on September 12. Apple will also launch the next-generation iPhone series on the same day. We expect the phone to cost more than Rs. 65000, which will be the most expensive handset.

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