Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Teardown Reveals Both Soft & Hard Facts

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone was recently released with a bezel-less display, dual cameras including Iris scanner and the fingerprint sensor located on the rear side. The team at iFixit conducted a massive teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 handset and gave a very hard repairability score.

According to iFixit, the Samsung stays safe with the Galaxy Note 8 in a streamlined manner. The battery finds its place right in the middle of the phone and is manufactured by Samsung SDI with a 12.71Wh rating. This equates to 3300mAh capacity at 3.85V, which is 6% less than the 13.48Wh in the Galaxy Note 7. However, the iFixit team concludes in the Galaxy Note 8 teardown that it’s better to stay safe rather than engulfed in flames.

The main highlight of the Galaxy Note 8 teardown is the addition of four cameras on the rear. How come four when there is only two cameras? It is to be noted that the dual cameras are well supported by dual OIS. The iFixit team managed to find the presence of OIS with the help of X-ray wizard friends at Creative Electron. It reveals a squad of dense and dark shapes with the OIS blending together the dual rear cameras to produce stable images.

When it comes to opening, the team found that front screen and back glass have solidly adhered. The internal components are fairly modular and earn 4/10 score on the repairability scale, which is similar to that of the Galaxy Note 7 and the Note Fan edition.

As soon the phone is opened, the team found a delicate fingerprint sensor cable. However, the team could make use of a Philips screw driver to remove the midframe, NFC antenna, PMA and Qi wireless charging coil combination. The speaker housed at the bottom can be removed after dismantling the maxed out mid frame.

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Samsung has designed the Galaxy Note 8 in such a way that the USB-C port can be easily removed with the daughterboard. The 3.5mm headphone port is completely modular alongside an IP68 water and dust ingress protection rating. The selfie camera can also be easily removed due to the modern design.

The advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that the internal components are modular and can be easily replaced using Philips screws. Even though the battery can be replaced, the tough adhesive and a glued-on rear panel make it very difficult. The repairs require removal of the glass rear panel, which is extremely difficult due to a large amount of adhesive. The iFixit has given a repairability score of 4/10, where 10 indicates an easy repair.

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