Huawei Mate 10 Teaser Reveals iPhone X Type Face Recognition Technology

Huawei Mate 10

Huawei is gearing up to unveil the much-awaited Huawei Mate 10 on October 16. Moreover, the company has released a short video teaser, which imitates the failed ill-fated Face ID functionality of the upcoming Mate 10 smartphone. Tagged with #The RealAIPhone, the Huawei Mate 10 will launch on October 16 within days after the official launch of the Google Pixel 2 series.

Based on the information shared in the video, Huawei will integrate the face recognition technology with the Huawei Mate 10. Interestingly, the same feature was implemented in the recently released iPhone X. During the launch event, Apple’s attempt to demonstrate the Face ID technology with the iPhone X had failed miserably.

Apple faced a big setback when Craig Federighi, who is the Senior Vice President of Software Engineering made an attempt to authenticate his face using the Face ID. The first attempt was unsuccessful and he made a second attempt. It was also proved to be a failure. He did all the actions before a huge audience. Moreover, tech enthusiasts from all over the world were watching the whole launch event via live webcast.

Federighi reportedly achieved success during the third attempt but the company lost trust among the people since the technology proved to be a failure among the people. The Cupertino-based tech company will have to work hard to regain confidence among people. It remains to be seen as to what kind of explanation will the company provide to customers when the iPhone X is up for sale within the next few days.

While the attempt by Apple to demonstrate the Face ID on the stage failed, Huawei is leaving no stones unturned to make the whole launch event a grand success. The teaser uploaded by Huawei on the official Facebook handle reveals a cartoon type figure with pointers to eyes, nose, and mouth. Initially, the teaser displays the message Unlocking followed by a message “Failed. Try Again.” Finally, you will view the relevant hashtag against the actual launch of the smartphone.

According to rumors, the Huawei Mate 10 will ship with AI-centric Kirin 970 processor. During the IFA 2017, the company disclosed that the Kirin 970 will be integrated with a Neural Processing unit, which will be useful for AI computing and voice-based communication applications.

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