TripIt For iMessage Gets Better With Enhanced Features

TripIt For iMessage

TripIt has rolled out iOS-centric dynamic updates to TripIt for iMessage, which will help travelers to keep in touch with their friends, family, and colleagues about the travel plans. According to Jen Moyse, director of product for TripIt, the travelers just need to add your plans to TripIt and share them through TripIt for iMessage. Moreover, with the addition of dynamic updates, there is no need to resend the relevant trip details after booking the hotel or after adding a dinner reservation.

The latest iOS 11 update also enable TripIt Pro users to automatically share their real-time flight status from within iMessage. If the flight parameters of the user changes such as delays, gate change, cancellation, the TripIt for iMessage will refresh with the accurate latest information. The main purpose of this feature is to provide users with the ability to check the current status of the flight from within iMessages.

Moyse added that TripIt for iMessage has been completely overhauled to provide accurate information as per the requirements of the user. As a user, you just need to check the text messages.

The aim of the TripIt for iMessage is to share travel plans by sending a text message. It enables users of TripIt to send all or part of their travel plans via iMessage with other users. The TripIt app has been updated in such a way that the plans will be refreshed when the relevant parameter is added or modified. This will ensure that all the stakeholders have access to the latest information.

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If you are a TripIt Pro user and have shared flight information, other users who receive the information will be able to verify the current status of the flight without leaving Messages.

The TripIt app will fetch the latest trip information when the conversation is active. However, the feature will be active only when all the users have signed into the TripIt app running iOS 11. To send real-time flight updates, you need to buy a subscription to TripIt Pro worth $49 per year.

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