Geekbuying Storm Sale: Grab Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor For Only $14

Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor Geekbuying

If you are on a lookout to manage your plants in a smarter way, you should purchase Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor. As part of the Geekbuying Storm Sale, you can now purchase an International variant of the Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor for only $13.99 instead of the retail price of $24.83.

The Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor is easy to use and operate. Moreover, it provides a healthy growing environment for all plants. It is also possible to easily check the condition of your plants.

Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor

The monitor has a unique ability to recognize different kinds of plants via smartphone. With Bluetooth connectivity, the Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor can easily establish connectivity with the smartphone app for enhanced plant management.

The Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor (HHCCJCY01HHCC) automatically provides all the required parameters related to the plant such as current moisture level, sunlight, fertilizer, and temperature. If you insert the detect part of the monitor into the soil, the moisture sensor will automatically send moisture data to your smartphone with ECS standard accuracy.

The monitor informs you whether the current sunlight and temperature are suitable for your plant based on accurate value. Moreover, the monitor provides a real-time light intensity of plants and also compare the actual reading with the predefined needs of the various plants.

The Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor ships with four EC sensors, which not only detects soil nutrients but also convert into accurate velum to display on your smartphone. The sensor is made up of stainless steel, which ultimately enhances the reliability and also compatible with hydroponic plants.

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Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor real

The monitor and the corresponding app is capable of detecting 3000 plants with the ability to store data in the cloud. The integrated one-button CR2032 battery is designed to provide a backup of 365 days upon single recharge.

If you care for your plants, you should purchase Xiaomi Mi Plants Monitor available at a stunning price of $13.99 with free shipping. Geekbuying will ship the product within two to five business days and the delivery will depend on the country.

You should purchase immediately because the stocks are limited. Why not you select the below button and place your order right now?

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