Sprint Managed To Sell Only 5000 Units Of Essential Phone

Essential Phone

Essential Phone was launched with great expectations with premium features at an unaffordable price. The Andy Rubins-owned company faced several problems from the initial stages. The team continued to postpone the deliveries by stating one reason or another. Moreover, people who have pre-ordered the phone went to Twitter and was asking the status. Sadly, the customers got template answers. Recently, the Android founder himself revealed that the handset will ship soon.

Only 5000 units sold

The latest report is that the Essential Phone has been shipped only to 5000 customers after the launch on Sprint. This means, the company sold only 5000 units of the phone, which is very low for a premium phone. We can’t say that the pricing is expensive since the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus also priced around the same lines.

Lack of assurance

From our point of view, the customers only purchase smartphones from reputed companies such as Apple and Samsung. Even Samsung faced serious problems in 2016 over the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. There is no guarantee that the Essential Phone will work without any major troubles.


It’s risky to invest over $700 for a smartphone manufactured by a new company. It’s true that the company is owned by the Android founder but it doesn’t mean people will instantly purchase the smartphone. Furthermore, several key management staff resigned from the company, which revealed the true state of the company.

The curious case of LeEco

We all know what happened to LeEco, who entered the scene by stating that they will disrupt the technology. In the end, they got disrupted and customers are facing serious problems. The management has taken down the website, forums, and all other links. They are not active on Facebook and Twitter. What happens if a customer face problem with their handsets? Who will perform servicing? Is Essential Going LeEco Way? Lets’ wait and see.

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Lack of proper pricing strategy

The Essential Phone would have been a huge success if the company managed to sell it around $300. Moreover, the price will be highly competitive when compared to competing handsets from Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. Based on the current trend, Essential will not be able to survive for long. The management should change the marketing tactics to be viable on the market.

According to latest reports, the US-based mobile carrier managed to sell Black color variant of the Essential Phone was sold via Sprint. We don’t have any confirmation about when the company will launch Gray, Green, and White color options.

Hard to repair

The undue delay in the launch of the Essential Phone helped other companies such as Apple, LG, Nokia, and Samsung to launch their respective handsets. As per a report released by iFixit, the Essential Phone is very hard to repair. Even if your Essential Phone failed, you will not be able to repair it easily.

Manufactured using titanium frame, the Essential Phone is pre-loaded with Android Nougat with 2 years warranty. Priced at $699, the Essential Phone features a bezel-less 5.71-inch display, Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB expandable internal storage powered by a 3040mAh battery.

Going forward, we expect Essential Phone to sell through other mobile service providers such as AT&T, T-mobile including the availability of the phone in Asia. With OnePlus 5 being sold at Rs. 34000, the chances of customers investing more than INR 40000 for the Essential Phone is bleak.

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