Google Pushes Android Wear Beta With Improvements

Google Pushes Android Wear Beta With Improvements

Google has announced the launch of the Android Wear beta. After the installation of the new Android Wear beta, you will be able to choose the different types of notifications through an app through notification channels. The new beta release has been made available to the LG Watch Sports.

During the recently concluded Google I/O, the company sources revealed to the media that the new beta release will be technically an upgrade to API 26. Moreover, the Android Wear beta release will provide improvements to notification channels and background limits.

If you work with LG Watch Sport, you just need to download the factory image. However, Google has warned users of possible problems which might occur to their existing watch devices because of the nature of beta updates. It is also possible to make use of the Android emulator if you are not willing to test the unstable beta release in an expensive device.

The attraction of the Android Wear beta is that you can choose the various types of notifications, which are received via an app with the help of the relevant notification channels. The purpose of this technique is to provide users with enhanced control instead of muting all notifications from the app on the go. It is also possible to customize the notifications channel directly from the watch.

In the latest Android Wear beta, Google has added restrictions on background processes and services including reduction of the background location update frequency. Going forward, services will not be able to run in the background without a notification.

Google has recommended the usage of JobScheduler tools to enable the watch not only to become battery efficient but also to perform various background tasks whenever required.

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