Sony PlayStation VR Headset Launched With New Features

Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VR headset has been launched with new features and improvements. The new headset is designed to improve the user experience when compared to the currently available VR headset. Even though Sony has announced the release, we don’t have an official confirmation about the availability date.

According to the official Sony PlayStation blog, the company is currently prepared a hardware update to the PlayStation VR headset. With model number CUH-ZVR2, the new Sony PlayStation VR headset is equipped with a refreshed design. You will be able to integrate the stereo headphone cables with the VR headset. Moreover, Sony has designed the cable in such a way that it is slimmer to use.

Inside the new Sony PlayStation VR headset, you will find an updated processor with support for HDR pass through. The main aim of the new chipset is to enable you to enjoy HDR-compatible PS4 content on a Television.

There is no need to remove the processor module in between the TV and the PS4 system. However, Sony has issued a clarification that the function can be used only when the VR headset is switched off.

The rumor of the arrival of the new Sony PlayStation VR headset assumed significance with the Sony India slashing the prices of the existing VR headset by Rs. 4000. Hence, you only need to pay Rs. 37990 to purchase the PlayStation VR unit. In addition to the headset, the product package also ships with cables, demo disc including the PS4 camera.

It is to be noted that Sony PlayStation VR headset is very expensive. If you are a chronic PlayStation fan, you can purchase the product and enjoy the premium gaming experience. Moreover, games that are compatible with PlayStation are expensive. The best option will be to invest in a quality Android-based gaming controller so that you can play games from a wide range of popular titles available on Google Play Store.

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