Google Pixel 2 Do Not Disturb feature helps to prevent accidents

Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 was recently announced along with the Pixel 2 XL and other accessories. The main attraction of the pixel 2 is its ability to capture brilliant images when compared to competing handsets. The search-engine giant has added one attractive feature in a bid to avoid accidents. The core highlight is that the Google Pixel 2 will activate Do Not Disturb mode automatically during driving.

If you are driving with the Google Pixel 2, you will not be able to talk because of this feature. The presence of this feature came into light through a screenshot of Pixel Ambient Services app uploaded to the Google Play Store.

Touted as Pixel exclusive, the Pixel Ambient Services app automatically identifies songs playing in your locality. The app will display the title of the track and artist on the lock screen.

Google Pixel 2 Do Not Disturb

The relevant screenshot with Do not disturb functionality appeared on the web via Android Police. However, we don’t have any exact information about what message the caller hear when a call is made to a person who has activated this feature.

If you enabled the feature before driving, the Pixel 2 will sense and enable Do Not Disturb mode when you are in a moving car or vehicle. The aim of this feature is to prevent accidents due to negligence. There have been instances of fatal road accidents as a result of telephone conversations during driving. With Pixel 2, it is possible to avoid accidents provided you have activated the feature.

From our point of view, the Google has taken advantage of AI, software, and hardware to integrate Do Not Disturb feature. To recall, Google is not the first company to implement the feature. In the past, Samsung had infused S-Drive mode, which also works in the same manner.

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