Instagram Gets Better With Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi Language Support


Instagram has added support for Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi languages in a bid to massively tap people based in the Middle East. The Facebook-owned company has revealed the news via its official press blog. To work with the newly introduced languages, you just need to navigate to the settings tab on your profile and select Language option.

You will be able to select the new language. After selection of the appropriate language, you will be able to read content from right to left. However, the update has not been introduced in India. We updated the Instagram app but could not find the language. Normally, it will take nearly 15 days for the change to get reflected in countries outside the US.

The addition of Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi will help users based in the middle east to get most from the app. Instagram is a photo sharing app using which you can expose photography among the world.

Along with the photo, you can embed hashtags to enable other Instagram users to view your image. For instance, if you mark your photo with #instadaily, all users who search for the keyword “instadaily” will be able to view, like and comment on your timeline.

Instagram is currently used by students, professionals, and photographers. Moreover, the mobile-based photo sharing platform is also used by business establishments to scale up their sales and revenues.

To work with Instagram, you need to install the app available for Android and iOS platforms. You will be able to access from the desktop but sharing of photos is possible only via smartphones.

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