MGCOOL Band 3 Raise Wrist To View Functions! Inexpensive and Powerful


MGCOOL recently launched the next generation MGCOOL Band 3. The attraction of the Band 3 is its ability to not only keep track of your health and fitness but also enhances the productivity to a large extent. Moreover, the MGCOOL Band 3 is priced at a competitive rate and includes plenty of new features when compared to competing wearables.

The capability to view the parameters just by raising the wrist is one of the main features of the MGCOOL Band 3. You just need to raise your wrist when you want to view the time, heart rate and other vital parameters without any need to tap on the band. However, you have to complete few initial steps to enable this functionality since this feature is not activated by default.

To activate the MGCOOL Band 3 Raise Wrist functionality, you need to install WearFit app either by downloading it from Google Play Store or by scanning the QR code. You will view a dashboard with several options.

You should select “Mine” icon located on the bottom right-hand side. A new page will be displayed with four options. You should select “Device Management” and enable “Raised hand against the bright screen” option. You will view this option only if you had successfully paired the MGCOOL Band 3 with the app.

MGCOOL Band 3 Raise Wrist

That’s it. If you wear the band now and raise the wrist, the display will activate and the time and heart rate will be displayed. After few seconds, the display will switch off. If you again raise the hand, you will be able to work with the band. If you are not comfortable with this new feature, you should deactivate it during sleeping to avoid unnecessary activation of the display. The band is resistant to water via IP68 technology.

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Interesting, Isn’t it? Why not you order the band from Gearbest today itself? As part of the Gearbest 11.11 sale, you will be able to purchase Black and Red color variant of the MGCOOL Band 3 for only $19.99.

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