Google Assistant on Android ups the ante with refreshed user interface

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the most popular digital voice assistants available in all the latest Android smartphones and has been refreshed with a new user interface. The highlight of the new interface is the addition of a bright background coupled with rounded interface elements.

The new user interface design was made available for the Google Assistant on iOS platform in October 2017. With the push of the new feature in Android, we expect more users to take advantage of the new user interface. According to 9to5google, the new feature was spotted a wide range of Pixel devices.

After the update, you will notice a white background, while cards including carousels. Moreover, the speech boxes will be equipped with rounded corners. Previously, the background was light gray but now it has been changed to White.

If you inspect the screenshots, you will notice that the user interface provides a three-dimensional appearance to enable the suggestions to be clear and accurate for reading. With the arrival of the new UI, the Share screenshot module is making a grand comeback after the search-engine giant disabled it a few months back.

While the Your Stuff tab with a list of reminders, agenda, shopping list, and orders provides rounded cards, the carousels inside the Explore page of the Google Assistant app have rectangular cards. The main aim of the new user interface is to enable uniform and consistent look of the Google Assistant on all platforms and devices.

There are reports that few users used to work with their iPhone and iPad and then also with Android devices. Currently, there is a significant change in the design and appearance of the Google Assistant in iOS and Android. The new update will help users to work with the same interface with smartphones and tablets with various display sizes.

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