SwiftKey Gets Better With Background Customization Possibilities


SwiftKey has released a new update for the popular keyboard, which enables you to make use of your own photos as a background for the keyboard. Moreover, it is also possible to customize the color of the individual keys. With the new SwiftKey update, you will be able to work with the keyboard in an interactive way instead of a traditional old mechanism.

SwiftKey has announced Photo Themes, which is a new feature to enable you to customize your keyboard on not only Android but also iOS. With the help of this feature, you will be able to upload your own images to create a customized theme. To work with “Photo Themes”, you need to navigate to “SwiftKey Settings” and select the “Themes” tab from within SwiftKey for Android.

SwiftKey background

Commenting on the development, the company sources disclosed that users will have a choice regarding whether to make use of a keyboard with borders on the individual keys. This includes symbols, secondary characters, numbers, and keys. Moreover, if you work with iPhone, you can easily customize the color of the keys, which will be displayed when pressed. You need to select “Design” and navigate to the SwiftKey app to customize the keyboard.

As part of the latest update, SwiftKey has established a partnership with Keith Ladzinski to provide a gallery of 12 curated exclusive natural images, which is mainly used as the background on the app. You can make use of these images as a background for SwiftKey app. Ladzinski is a well-known photographer, who had worked with National Geographic, ABC and Discovery Channel.

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SwiftKey Photo Themes

Meanwhile, the company also announced a contest, which enables general public including freelancers to participate in an initiative. The project involves designing exclusive keyboard skins based on the newly released feature. The winner will talk away with $150 Amazon gift card and other exciting prizes such as a limited edition hoodie sweatshirt and more prizes.

SwiftKey added that the winners will be selected based on the most creative entry for the month of November. To submit entries, you need to share the work via Twitter with #photothemes hashtag and the winners will be selected each week.

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