Vodafone Diabetacare dCare Smart Glucometers Helps To Arrest Diabetes

Vodafone Diabetacare dCare Smart Glucometers

It’s World Diabetes Day and we have to think about its prevention using latest trending technologies. Vodafone Diabetacare dCare Smart glucometer is mainly oriented for the effective management of diabetes. The device helps you to keep track of your blood sugar levels instantly and you will receive automated alerts, which will help you to effectively monitor the health.

To celebrate World Diabetes Day, Vodafone has released a new TVC, which demonstrates the use of the Diabetacare technology. The commercial revolves around an elderly couple who is on an international travel. The person featured on the video monitors his Diabetes level through his smartphone using the Internet of Things (IoT) support.

The main purpose of the creation of the Diabetacare dCare Smart glucometers is to enhance patient care by offering real-time communication to medical care professionals. The device is capable of transmitting the data including enhancing clinical outcomes via Vodafone’s Managed IoT Connectivity Platform. The device will be useful for sports professionals and is designed in such a way to transmit findings within 30 seconds.

The Diabetacare dCare Smart glucometers and blood pressure machines automatically monitor glucose and blood pressure levels of patients. Moreover, the results are automatically delivered to the doctors, family members and also to the Diabetes Management Center for appropriate timely action.

Diabetacare dCare Smart Glucometers

By issuing alerts at the correct time, doctors will be able to modify the treatment as per the changing blood sugar and pressure levels. Hence, physicians will be able to offer personalized treatment by making effective use of the Diabetacare dCare Smart glucometers.

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The Diabetes Management Center provides round the clock support to patients in addition to improved coordination and treatment outcomes. The new solution has been launched as part of the World Diabetes day with an objective to transform healthcare with latest trending connected technologies.

Diabetes is curable if proper treatment is provided at the correct time. The patient should be monitored continuously throughout the day to ensure that the blood sugar levels remain at the comfortable level. We hope that Diabetacare will be able to ensure speedy monitoring of various parameters without any kind of pain and tension.

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