Twitter Tweetstorm Capability Expected To Hit Android and iOS

Twitter Tweetstorm

Twitter is currently testing a new feature named Tweetstorm with which you will be able to create chains of individual tweets that exceeds the standard 280 character limit set for messages. The mechanism works in such a way to enable you to compose several tweets and schedule them for posting. In this way, you can easily create a tweetstorm without having to compose each tweet separately.

The Tweetstorm feature initially appeared in September via Android Twitter app for a brief time but later disappeared. According to Financial Express, the feature is currently available for few select users. The company sources disclosed to the media that the tweetstorm functionality is currently being tested in both alpha and beta format via the respective Android and iOS platforms.

The Jack-owned company disclosed that the verification badges will be removed from those users who violate the rules. The company is reportedly working on the launch of a new verification mechanism with advanced technologies.

Commenting on the development, a senior Twitter official posted on @TwitterSupport that they are working to refresh the verification system and also working towards the development of a new program that users will be proud of. It was also reported that the micro logging site suspended the account verification process using which people are identified by blue tick mark badges alongside their name or company brand.

In the past, Twitter faced serious financial issues and was rumored to be taken over by Microsoft. However, the company rubbished the allegation and continued their journey. There were reports that Twitter is working to rehash their system in such a way that users can submit content up to 1000 words. The motive was questioned by several users since it will kill the very existence of microblogging.

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That being said, the role of Facebook assumes great importance since there is no fixed character limit. You will be able to perform a wide range of tasks on Facebook when compared to Twitter. However, Twitter is still famous among loggers who would like to jot down important developments and events. It remains to be seen as to how users react to the upcoming Tweetstorm feature.

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