Datally Review: Awesome app for mobile data analytics


After testing waters with Google Allo and Assistant, Google has launched a mobile data saving app Datally. The main purpose of the Datally app is to save mobile data during Wi-Fi consumption. Google has termed Datally app as a smart new and can be used to save mobile data easily.

Datally is a mobile data manager that is designed to keep track, monitor, and save data. It is possible to save additional data and get most from your smartphone by effectively tracking and controlling app data usage.

With Datally, you can save up to 30% of mobile data by controlling data usage of every app that you have installed. You can control and limit data on relevant apps without compromising performance. The controls placed on the front and center will help you to view real-time app data usage. The app will also block data usage of apps.

The data usage metrics integrated into the Datally app helps you to learn about the data usage, history including trends separated by either time or by each app. The app also generates customized recommendations including the ability to activate reminders to save data. Datally also prompts you to rate Wi-Fi networks.

The Wi-Fi finder enables you to discover all the available Wi-Fi with specific details like distance. You can view how other Datally users have rated the Wi-Fi network and also possible to rate Wi-Fi networks that you have connected to.


To install Datally, you need to navigate to the Google Play Store and download the app. We installed the app easily using Reliance Jio 4G connectivity. Initially, you have to go through a series of instructions displayed on the screen including enabling of permissions.

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The dashboard displays the capacity of mobile data used today.

Datally dashboard

You can set up data saver by tapping on the button. You will be prompted to enable connection request by blocking data using VPN.

Datally VPN

The dashboard mainly displays two options. The Manage data option helps you to view the amount of data consumed in a graphical format. Moreover, you can see the list of all the apps and the data eaten by the relevant apps.

Datally Mobile Data

The Datally app also includes Find Wi-Fi option using which you can view the available Wi-Fi networks near your location. You can also establish connectivity with the particular Wi-Fi hotspot. If you tap on a location, you will be able to view the location of the place inside Google Maps along with address, phone number, and reviews.

Datally WiFi

Google also disclosed that they will be adding more features such as balance checking, balance expiration reminders in addition data usage warnings and controls in the next iteration of the app.

As you can see, Datally app helps you to find out how much valuable mobile data has been saved. By proper management of data, you will be able to save substantial bandwidth if you make use of the mobile data on the go. The app will be useful for users who are on a prepaid network where each MB of data is important.

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