Ericsson brings the first ever live demonstration of 5.7Gbps 5G to India


Ericsson has showcased the first ever live 5G end-to-end demonstration in Mumbai during the recently concluded Ericsson Connect 2017. The demo was carried out using the exclusive 5G test bed and 5G NR Radio. The purpose of the 5G testing is to show the potential of the high-speed network with 5.7Gbps high throughput and ultra-low latency of 3 milliseconds.

The first live 5G end-to-end demonstration shows the commitment of the company to bring the latest technology innovations into emerging India. The company is currently creating a comprehensive 5G ecosystem in India to fulfill the ambitions of the Government’s vision to have the 5G mobile network to roll out by 2020.

According to Ericsson Study, the 5G push will enable a $27.3 billion revenue potential for Indian telecom operators by 2026. Moreover, the mobility report released by Ericsson reveals that over 10 million people in India will opt for 5G subscriptions by 2023.

Advanced technology deployed

At the Ericsson Connect 2017, the company also featured 5G use cases in addition to live demonstration of essential technologies on the road to 5G like Gigabit LTE (1Gbps download speeds) with License Assisted Access (LAA) technology. The aim of the LAA is to showcase how 5G can take advantage of the wireless network resources using higher frequency bands on a small cell architecture. The company also showcased several other innovations such as Radio Network Evolution, Network Slicing, and 5G Ready Transport.

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Commenting on the development, Nunzio Mirtillo, Head of Market Area – SE Asia, Oceania and India, Ericsson disclosed that the live demonstration of the 5G network shows that the company is committed to fulfilling the dreams of the Indian market. The technology has been showcased to create a robust 5G ecosystem in India to enable Government to push the technology by 2020. Mirtillo added that the 5G platform comprises of 5G core, radio and transport portfolios including digital support systems and transformation services.

Responding to media queries, Nitin Bansal, Managing Director, Ericsson India said that India will have over 10 million 5G users by 2023 as per the latest mobility report. The addition of 5G technology will set new benchmarks both in terms of the performance and features of mobile services providers. Moreover, operators will be able to generate revenue and it is projected that there is a potential for $27.3 billion out of the 5G network by 2026.

Boost to manufacturing sector

Bansal said that sectors like manufacturing, energy, and utilities will largely benefit from the 5G capability followed by health and public safety. There is a possibility of revenues shooting up to $63 billion by 2026.

Surge in revenues

When it comes to Agriculture, there is a possibility of earning revenues up to $400. The 5G can be applied in areas such as livestock routing, field monitoring and mapping including on-field applications. The addition of 5G will enable the enhancement of overall customer experience and advancement of operational efficiencies.

According to Ericsson mobility report, the overall mobile data traffic per month is expected to grow 11 times from 1.3 EB to 14 EB by 2023. In 2017, the monthly data usage per smartphone is pegged at 3.8GB. However, the rate is expected to grow to 18GB by 2023. The report released by the company states that there will be around 800 million VoLTE customers in India by 2023, which is a rapid growth of 42.5% between 2017 and 2023.

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