MatataLab hands-on coding robot for kids announced via Kickstarter


You can now let your kids learn to code by playing. Thanks to MatataLab via Kickstarter. With the help of MatataLab, kinds will be able to program a robot including music creation and art. There is no need for a screen, keyboard or even literacy. The MatataLab is a hands-on coding robot set designed to simplify coding with creativity and fun.

According to developers, the MatataLab will be useful for kids aged 4 to 9 because the development of logic begins at the age of four. Even though there are several educational robot toys available on the market, only a few of them focus on brain development. MatataLab is capable of improving not only skills but also the brain and personality development.

Say goodbye to difficult coding

MatataLab makes use of simple logic-based games coupled with a robot for fun and instant feedback. Hence, coding will not be a difficult task for kids who would like to venture into the land of computing. The product enables kids between 4 to 9 years with the basic understanding of the fundamental concepts. After 10 years, they will be able to grasp several abstract concepts of real programming at school. Moreover, kids will face classes without any fear.

Touch and perform action

The main aim of the MatataLab is to make kids feel easy to code rather than teaching them the steps required to code. The coding block is designed in such a way that you only need to touch the blocks, view the symbol and guess the meaning without using any screen.

Basically, the symbols are intuitive icons using which kids can interact with the MatataLab. For example, an arrow point forward will enable the Robot to move one step forward. The relevant action will be performed based on the work carried out with the icons.

Challenge with adventure maps

The MatataLab includes Matata Adventurer, which is a series of adventure maps using which kids are challenged to find various ways to meet the specified target. The progress level starts from easy and goes up to advanced level. The kids will be able to learn and make use of the new coding concepts step by step including the ability to collaborate with friends and challenge them.

Draw creatively

With the help of Matata Musician, kids can easily choose a wide range of musical notes and beats in a combined manner. The robot will play the created song. Moreover, kids will also learn basic geometrical concepts to enable them to draw creative graphics and designs with Matata Drawer.

With MatataLab, kids will learn various concepts related to sequencing, events, loops, variables using block-based visual programming or text-based language.

Easily animate objects

To animate the robot, kids should simply make use of the various blocks to build sequences. It can be associated with the provided control tower. The required instruction will be transmitted to the robot, which will begin animation based on the script coded by the child.

The developers have given attention to learn debugging in MatataLab. Technically, the robot will follow the instruction as per the block sequence. Hence, block=action signifies that the robot didn’t perform the relevant action and debugging process will start.

The MatataLab is mainly oriented for kids. Hence, safety is of utmost importance. The developers revealed that the product has been designed by following all safety standards strictly. The company is in the process of pilot production and will receive the required CE EN71, RoHS, ASTM F963-16, CPSIA, 3C, SRRC accreditation certificates before final delivery in 2018.

Pricing and availability

The MatataLab is available in several variants. While the starter set is priced at $99, the advanced kit will be available at $129. If you pledge $119 for the starter and $139 for the advanced, you will get more items inside the package. You can pre-order MatataLab Pro set for $169 and 6 units of Pro for $899.

As part of the launch offer, the product developers offered Pro set for $149, which is out of stock at the moment of this writing. If you pre-order now, the product package will start shipping in May 2018.

We hope that MatataLab will set new benchmarks in the learning segment by prompting kids to perform a specific action with a wide range of blocks and robot. The conventional learning environment will not be beneficial for those kids who find difficult to grasp the concepts.

With MatataLab, the whole coding experience will be an icing on a cake. That being said, MatataLab will also help your kid to get rid of Television and immerse themselves in productive learning. Why are you waiting for? Please your order by clicking the source link.

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