Vodafone Inks partnership with Aviva Life Insurance to offer RED Protect plan

Vodafone RED protect

Vodafone has established a partnership with Aviva Life Insurance to launch Vodafone RED protect, which is a mobile plan integrated with life insurance. As part of the deal, customers will be eligible for insurance with assured sum worth up to 20 years of the monthly rental. The company sources revealed that the Vodafone RED Protect is the first in the enterprise mobility segment. Moreover, it provides faster and efficient digital policy activation.

Commenting on the development, Nick Gliddon, Director, Vodafone Business Services disclosed that the enterprise customers and employers are always on a lookout for value-added mobile plans. Hence, Life Insurance is one of the valuable benefits that are in demand from customers.

If the employer provides mobile plan coupled with life insurance, then they will consider as a great place to work and also to improve engagement with employees. It also addresses a key employee concern.

In addition to life insurance coverage, the Vodafone RED Protect Plan also offers unlimited calls, integrated roaming benefits, enhanced data quota and simple customer fulfillment. The plan starts at Rs. 499 per month, which will help professionals not only to enjoy maximum benefits from the Vodafone network but also secure their families. Part of Vodafone RED, the newly launched RED Protect is available only for select enterprise customers.

Responding to media, Trevor Bull, MD & CEO, Aviva Life Insurance revealed that the company has partnered with Vodafone to provide financial security through simple and meaningful solutions. The main aim is to reach out to customers with a paperless process with immediate policy issuance.

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To activate Vodafone RED Protect, you need to call 199 and choose the combination of monthly rental and sum assured based on the requirements. After the mobile plan is live, you will be guided through the steps required to activate the life insurance policy by providing nominee information online.

The life insurance coverage will be activated after verification of the submitted details. The certificate will be issued immediately. The company is hopeful that offering life insurance policy with mobile packages will help enterprise customers to lead a quality life.

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