Twitter gets smarter with ability to post more than one tweet from a single dialog


Twitter is continuously reinventing the wheels. The latest news is that microblogging social media platform has enabled an option to tweet more than once from a single tweet dialog. The Twitter dashboard has been updated with the required option.

You will find “+” option below the “What’s happening?” textbox.


Initially, the box will be disabled but will be activated once you compose a new tweet.


Once you finish composing the first tweet, you just need to click on the “+” symbol. You will view a new dialog with the title “Compose new thread” with one extra tweet box. You can compose another tweet similar to that of the first one.


If you click “+” once again, you will be able to compose the third tweet as shown below


If required, you can tweet again by pressing the “+” button. The tweets will be published after you hit the “Tweet all” button. Unlike normal tweet, you will see a progress percentage meter, which displays the overall progress. Your tweet will be visible on your Twitter timeline as separate tweets.

The new feature is a real deal breaker since you can publish four or five tweets without separately composing them. You just need to do it once and the tweets will be visible in the timeline. There is no change in the ultimate visibility of the tweets. It’s just that you can post the tweets in bulk from within a single window.

Please try the new feature and let us know the feedback.

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