Checkout how an 85-year-old Italian grandmother worked with Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini
Source: CNN

Google Home Mini is a popular smart speaker powered by Google Assistant. The latest news is that an 85-year-old grandmother based in Italy has reached humorously to the actions of the Google Home Mini smart assistant. According to expert, kids will be able to learn the nuances of computing quickly than elders. Hence, the grandmother’s reaction has created a huge hype among the community.

The Italian grandmother looks very much afraid and terrified after she was asked to work with the Google Home Mini. The reaction of the old mother had created a storm on the web with several tech news portals captured it and published news.

According to, Ben Actis, an active YouTube user had uploaded the video of his 85-year old grandmother. She is seen reportedly learning to work with the tiny gadget. As of this writing, the video has been viewed by over 775,000 users in three days. The total number of views is increasing on a daily basis because tech portals have started to share the video. Moreover, the video is getting hits via Facebook and Twitter as well.

With a total runtime of over two minutes, the grandmother reportedly looks very confused while working with the device. She is seen repeatedly saying “Goo Goo” instead of Google. She looks very agitated and touches the speaker several times. The grandmother also stands for a while and goes here and there several times. We can see that she continuously says Goo Goo instead of Google.

Towards the end, she asked about the weather and Google Home Mini answered it. She immediately jumped from the table. According to reports, the gadget turned out to be mysterious and scary for the grandmother.

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Nowadays, there is a huge growth in the smart digital assistant speaker segment. Amazon revealed hat the Echo Dot sold out like hot cakes during the holiday season and is one of the popular devices. The e-commerce company rolled out Alexa assistant in several countries, while Google is still lagging behind in emerging countries such as India. It remains to be seen as to when Google will push the Home and Home Mini in countries outside the US.

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