Dacom P10 Bluetooth earphone with MP3 Player released exclusively on Banggood

Dacom P10

Dacom has released the MP3 player variant of the Dacom P10 earphone starting at $33.99. The highlight of the Dacom P10 is the integration of Bluetooth technology coupled with water-resistant features. Moreover, you can store MP3 songs inside the earphone without depending on the Bluetooth connectivity with another device. The MP3 version of the Dacom P10 has just been launched and is available for pre-order exclusively from Banggood.

Store MP3 songs

Normally, you establish connectivity between the Bluetooth earphone and a smartphone, tablet or laptop. With Dacom P10, you can store up to 100 MP3 songs inside the earphone and listen to them on the go without using any external device.

Addition of APT-X

The main attraction of the Dacom P10 is the integration of APT-X lossless and Ti diaphragm support, which guarantees excellent sound output. With the bundled data cable, you can connect the earphone to the computer and use the device as a U disk to transfer data.

IPX7 water protection

Tagged as Pro Sports Bluetooth Earphone, the Dacom P10 features integrated MP3 capability with water and sweat resistant feature via IPX7 technology. The Dacom P10 MP3 is designed to work not only as a standalone Bluetooth earphone but also as an MP3 player. The earphone includes 512MB storage, which helps you to store more than 100 songs. You can now enjoy music playback while performing sporting activities without any need to carry a smartphone.

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Dual modes

The Dacom P10 includes two different modes. While the MP3 mode helps you to listen to music without a smartphone, the Bluetooth mode enables you to enjoy network songs via external devices. You can work with phone calls and listen to voice chat with both modes.

On the specifications front, the Dacom P10 features 92db sensitivity, 32-ohms impedance, 512MB storage powered by an 80mAh battery. The earphone is capable of delivering a working time of 8 hours and can be charged within two hours.

Perfect Balance

The earhooks are designed using soft silicone waterproof material and provide adequate balance to both ears via the 360-degree mechanism. You can easily adjust the earbuds depending upon the comfort level. Moreover, the buds provide adequate softness and cushion to provide excellent comfort. The company reveals that even if you are doing heavy workouts and exercise, the earphone won’t fall.

The Dacom P10 earphone is available on Banggood at $33.99 for the first 50 units. The next 50 orders will cost $35.99. If you missed the first two sales, you need to pay $37.99.

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