Insteon connected home devices now compatible with Google Assistant

Insteon and Google Assistant

Insteon has announced that their range of ultra-reliable connected home devices is now completely compatible with Google Assistant. The company made the announcement on the sidelines of the ongoing CES 2018 at Las Vegas.

You will be able to work with Insteon devices using Google Assistant by making use of Google Home, Android smartphones, iPhones and any other Android-powered gadgets. As part of the development, you will be able to manage and control a wide range of Insteon lighting system such as wall switches, plugs, outlets with voice.

Commenting on the development, Rob Lilleness, CEO of Insteon disclosed that the company continues to build interoperability with popular companies such as Google to enhance the customer experience with their connected home devices. The latest integration with Google Assistant is a step in the right direction since it facilitates customers to control their lighting system simply by using voice commands.

To work with the new functionality, you need to link your account from within the Google Home app or the Google Assistant on the smartphone by using the Insteon Hub, which is 2245-222. After pairing, you will be able to voice control your Insteon devices simply by saying “OK Google” or “Hey Google” followed by commands such as “Turn on the outside lights” or “Turn off the downstairs lights”.

We feel that the Google Assistant wins over Amazon Alexa because of its ability to interact with smartphones and non-Android devices. If you look at Alexa, you can only control via Amazon Echo smart speakers.

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Responding to media, Mark Spates, Product Lead for Smart Home at Google revealed that the intention of the company is to create a smart home experience with the Google Assistant coupled with products manufactured by smart startups such as Insteon. The addition of Google Assistant with Insteon product helps customers to manage lighting inside their home or office irrespective of the device.

Insteon is the reliable IoT technology for lighting and electrical control. The company makes effective use of the patented dual-mesh network to enable simultaneous communication via wireless radio waves and the existing wiring. The Irvine-based company integrates with several products including HVAC units, timers, locks, cameras, lighting, humidity, music including garage doors. Youcan purchase Insteon products by navigating to

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