CES 2018: Huawei WiFi Q2 Wireless router launched with improved features

Huawei WiFi Q2 Wireless router

Huawei has launched Huawei WiFi Q2 Wireless Router at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas. According to the company sources, the Huawei WiFi Q2 Wireless Router is designed to deliver blazing fast wireless connectivity. With the help of the router, you will be able to pair a base station with up to 16 satellites to expand your home network environment. The router will compete heavily with routers manufactured by popular companies such as Linksys, Netgear, DLink, TP-Link, Xiaomi, and others.

The Huawei WiFi Q2 Wireless Router is capable of delivering hybrid connectivity with up to 1867Mbps by combining the speed of PLC and mesh Wi-Fi. Even though manufacturers are adopting mesh Wi-Fi network, enterprises still make use of traditional routers with complex installation procedures.

The Huawei WiFi Q2 Wireless Router includes a distinct G.hn gigabit PLC module, which enables network access to travel across several walls. Moreover, the router ships with a five-step installation process. The subunits provide support for simple plug and play functionality.

The company claimed that the router is capable of establishing connectivity with up to 192 connected devices. The router comes with support for up to 16 hotspots to enable users to add additional satellites automatically. The router system offers 100ms switching time on 802.11v protocol. The integrated anti-brute force algorithm enables you to avoid unwanted access to the network by unauthorized users.

The WiFi Q2 Wireless Router will be a perfect companion if you would like to transform your house into a smart home with several connected devices. According to reports, the Huawei WiFi Q2 with three bases will cost $349.99. If you would like to buy one base coupled with two satellites, you need to pay $219.99. We don’t have any information about the exact availability but it should happen by the end of Q2 2018.

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