CES 2018: Pisofttech unveils Pilot Era Panoramic VR Camera with in-Camera 8K Stitching

Pilot Era

Pisofttech has announced a world’s first VR 360-degree Pilot Era camera paired with 8K video and 6K real-time stitching in camera at CES 2018. The company has demonstrated the working of the camera at booth number 42974, Wireless Devices & Services, Tech West, Sands Expo Level 2, Hall A-D, at CES 2018.

With Pilot Era camera, you will be able to make use of a self-contained professional-grade panoramic camera, which will enable you to create premium stitched videos and images easily. Moreover, you will be able to quickly upload the media files from within the camera itself. You should note that the Pilot Era is one of the top three panoramic and 3D algorithm solutions providers in the world. The stitching algorithm developed by the company is used by several manufacturers worldwide.

The algorithm developed by Pisofttech helps you to stitch an image in the camera. The end result is that it enables users to record fast and upload without having to undergo any overnight editing sessions. The Pilot Era camera has redefined the VR camera user experience considerably.

Commenting on the development, Adler Shen, CEO, Pisofttech revealed that the new Pilot Era camera will be useful for photographers and VR content creators since it will eliminate post-processing effort to stitch together the panoramic video. With the help of the camera, you will be able to easily shoot extremely high-quality panoramic images and videos, which will create an immersive experience. It is possible to share the content without any additional equipment.

Shen added that the technology integrated with Pilot Era camera is the object recognition algorithm and motion analysis to enable the panoramic camera to easily detect and interact with images accurately. The camera will be able to recognize images locally instead of having to upload them to the cloud for analysis. He said that this mechanism will boost the overall performance to a large extent since competing cameras make use of the CPU or GPU for running vision algorithms.

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Pilot Era provides an ability to shoot and record images and videos from 4K to 8K and stitch 4K to 6K video seamlessly in real time. Moreover, the camera can also stitch 8K video inside the camera with a 1 to 1.8-time ratio. It is possible to stitch one minute of 8K video within 1.8 minutes.

The camera enables you to select different resolutions for various scenarios. For instance, you can capture videos in 4K at 60fps and 8K at 25fps. You can also preview the captured panorama content in real time either from the display or within the mobile app. Moreover, the camera provides support for Facebook and YouTube 4K live video streaming.

The Pilot Era 360-degree panoramic camera provides support for multi-lens real-time dynamic stitching in 6K and ability to capture 8K videos at 25fps. You can shoot images with 8192×4096 or 10000×5000 resolution. The camera also includes ambisonic video recording, real-time color and exposure adjustments and internal image stabilization through algorithms.

The camera is capable of delivering 120-minute battery life with four F/2.2 fisheye lenses. In addition to fisheye, the Pilot Era camera also provides support for VR, little planet, and equirectangular modes. According to company sources, the Pilot Era camera will cost $3000 and will be available on Amazon in April 2018.

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