ZTE 5G smartphone expected to hit retail shelves in the US by 2019


ZTE is expected to launch the first 5G-enabled smartphone by early 2019. According to ZTE CEO Lixin Cheng, the company will launch the 5G VoLTE smartphone by early 2019 initially in the US followed by other regions depending upon the availability of the service.

Responding to a query posted by Bloomberg News, Cheng revealed that the smartphone with 5G capability will launch either by the end of 2018 or before Q1 2019. However, the plans are subject to change since the launch will depend upon the availability of the 5G mobile network. He also doesn’t rule out the possibility of launching a 5G tablet along with the smartphone. However, the company will focus on smartphones first before unveiling a tablet.

Even though ZTE is planning to release the first 5G smartphone in the US, the road ahead won’t be smooth because of possible legal hurdles. There is a move to ban the use of Huawei and ZTE branded smartphones by US Government employees. Mike Conaway, a parliamentarian from Texas has introduced a new bill captioned Defending US Government Communications Act.

In addition to the US, ZTE is gearing up to push 5G in emerging countries like India since the company has established partnerships with Airtel, Reliance Jio, and Vodafone to conduct pre-5G trials. The intention is to design and develop trending technologies such as 5G in India.

Ericsson also showcased the launch of the upcoming 5G technology in India with the assured speed of up to 5.7GB/sec. The company sources revealed to us that the new 5G capability will be able to deliver enhanced speed when compared with the currently available 4G. AT&T and Verizon also announced that the 5G mobile will launch in the US by late 2018 without disclosing the locations.

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