Google Arts & Culture App Injects Facial Recognition Capability

Google Arts & Culture App

Google has upgraded the Google Arts & Culture app with facial recongnition functionality. The app has been integrated with an ability to detect vintage portrait images from the huge database by matching patterns with your selfie.

With the help of the new feature, you can now match your selfie from the wide range of portraits from the international museum included the Google Arts & Culture app. You just need to shoot your selfie and the app will detect a similar portrait from the library. After the successful matching process, the app will display the author of the painting work along with the museum it originates.

The new facial recongnition functionality is available in both Android and iOS versions of the app. However, the feature has been introduced only in select regions and not yet available in India. In addition to this new feature, the Google Arts & Culture app features several bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Google makes use of pattern recongnition to detect faces and deliver identical portraits from the huge database. The common patterns of shapes and colors are verified dynamically to match with the digital image of a face. The mechanism will be able to detect the various characteristics of the face such as beard, glasses or any other attributes.

By making use of the Google Arts & Culture app, you will be able to visualize the various artworks from institutions around the world. Google also disclosed that the app will be updated with support for Google Cardboard, which will enable users to experience portraits in VR environment.

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The integrated Art Recognizer helps you to point your smartphone camera directly at an artwork to fetch information. The daily digest will provide new facts to learn when you open the app every time. It is also possible to locate museums and cultural event near your locality.

As of this writing, the Google Arts & Culture has established partnerships with more than 1200 international museums and galleries from 70 countries. The app is currently in the first position after the addition of facial recongnition.

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