Google enters Shenzhen shores to expand business


Google has opened an office in Shenzhen, China even though the popular search engine of the Mountain View company remains blocked in the country. The launch of the office was in a silent mode and has been opened to highlight the hardware and advertisement businesses in China.

The Chinese head disclosed that the company has signed a lease for a serviced office in Shenzhen based on the feedback from customers. Initally, the new facility will provide employment to 300 people. Interestingly, Google also launched its first artificial intelligence lab in China.

Even though the services of major companies including Google are blocked in China, the companies continue to invest and generate business from the country. Facebook also opened an office in China to generate business for Canada, Australia, and Western Europe.

In the smartphone world, Xiaomi and Huawei also opened their offices and manufacturing plants for marketing and export purposes. Google has been blocked in China ever since 2010 due to censorship of searches related to politically sensitive keywords. However, the company has retained the offices by performing outsourced work and also to have cordial relations with the country.

According to TechCrunch, the Shenzhen-based office will work in tandem with offices located in Shanghai and Beijing. Moreover, the company is offering employment to over 600 software engineers and sales personnel. The Google China head disclosed that a large number of domestic staff were shuttling regularly to Shenzhen for business activities.

In a statement released to the press, Google added that they have several clients and partners in and around Shenzhen. The creation of an e-suite will provide a facility for them to communicate effectively and work better with the highest level of coordination.

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Even though the majority of the staff work in the sales field, the company also employed engineers to build global products such as Google Home smart speakers. Moreover, having an office in Shenzhen will attract and drive top talents globally with a focus on hardware.

The opening of an office in Shenzhen assumes great importance since Google has acquired Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn in 2011. The company manufactured several Motorola branded smartphones independently before selling the whole business to Lenovo for $3bn in 2015. Furthermore, Shenzhen is the ultimate hub for several manufacturing companies that includes cameras and other gadgets.

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