CES 2018: Interview with Adler Shen on Pilot Era camera and beyond

Pisofttech CEO and Pilot Era 2

Pisofttech recently unveiled the next-generation Pilot Era camera at the CES 2018. The Pilot Era camera is the first VR 360-degree camera integrated with 8K video and 6K real-time stitching capabilities. With the help of the Pilot Era camera, you will be able to capture professional-grade panoramic premium stitched videos and images easily and quickly. Moreover, it is also possible to upload the content from within the camera. We managed to catch up with the product team via online during the recently concluded CES 2018. Adler Shen, CEO, Pisofttech answered the questions even though he was very busy wandering around the CES booth No. 42974, Wireless Devices & Services, Sands Expo.

Can you share the differences between the Pilot camera and standard action cameras?

Pilot Era is an all-in-one professional camera which supports 4K-6K real-time stitching and 8K stitching in the camera while other products need a computer. It has a touchscreen that you can set up all the things like using a smartphone. It builds on ambisonic audio and 4G module so that you can live stream anywhere you want.

What is the importance of VR in camera technology?

  • VR means you get an image with no dead angle.
  • VR provides immersive experience.
  • Pilot Era is professional to make high-quality VR content.

How powerful is the Pilot camera in terms of specifications?

Pilot Era provides support for in camera multi-lens dynamic stitching, ambisonic audio recording, real-time color and exposure adjustments in addition to algorithm-based internal image stabilization. You can capture 7680×3840, 5760×2880 and 3840×1920 at 25fps, 30fps and 60fps respectively. The camera also includes real-time distortion correction and integrated stitching for 6K video. It is possible to capture images at 8192×4096 or 10000×5000 resolutions. The embedded battery is capable of delivering 120-minute battery life and can be recharged quickly. With a thickness of 6.2-inches, the Pilot Era camera measures 565 grams.

Can you share with us as to why people prefer fisheye enabled videos?

People prefer better videos, not necessary to be fisheye videos. I believe fisheye is more suitable to create better panoramic videos.

Is it possible to use Pilot camera for film shooting?

Yes. Pilot Era was designed for some professional application, such as film shooting, real estate shooting. You can use it for film shooting in 8K.

Does Pilot Era camera provide support for voice technology?

Yes. You can capture image or video by voice control.

What do you mean by Ambisonic audio recording?

Ambisonic audio is 360/3D audio. The audio records position information.

What is the real purpose of the real-time dynamic stitching?

  • To improve user experience and work efficiency.
  • Avoid users spending hours to do post stitching on PC.
  • Enable live streaming of panoramic video.
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Why is Pilot Era camera very expensive?

Pilot Era is not expensive compared with other professional 360 cameras. The professional panoramic camera produces 8K videos usually charge between 3000 to 6000 US dollar.

Do you think Pilot camera will be able to attract customers when there are cheaper action cameras available?

Yes.Pilot Era is a professional camera meeting high-quality image requirements. Action cameras cannot capture video over 4K. Even the image quality of 4K videos from Pilot Era is also 80% better than the ones from normal action cameras.

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