Google unveils Cloud AutoML to simplify image processing via AI


Google has launched a user-friendly AI-enabled training platform. Dubbed as Cloud AutoML, the new artificial intelligence platform makes use of machine learning to build advanced image recognition systems.

The highlight of Cloud AutoML is that you will be able to create your own custom image recognition systems with less than 100 images. If you look at the competing systems, they make use of more than 200 images coupled with the requirement of a special recongnition program.

The Cloud AutoML leverage the benefits of the cloud computing to create image recognition systems with a small set of images. The AI system will be able to cross-reference sample images automatically while looking for a possible match within the cloud. Hence, users need not have to store the images on their local systems and this will give peace of mind. If the images are stored locally for the purpose of image recongnition, it would consume not only huge computing resources but also storage space.

According to MIT Technology Review, Google has thrown open Cloud AutoML to select group of users with a possibility of expansion in the upcoming future. However, there is no time frame given as to when the system will be available for public consumption. We don’t have any information about the pricing of the system. It seems that Google will reveal the price when the system is released to the general public.

To recall, Amazon and Microsoft also provide AI-based image recongnition functionality with limited capabilities. However, the Cloud AutoML developed by the search-engine giant is user-friendly in your quest to create AI systems.

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Google also launched a new division named, which exclusively research and develop products related to AI. The engineers successfully developed a cloud-based tensor processing units in addition to other AI-based products.

With the help of Cloud AutoML, Google will be able to tap small-scale businesses globally and help them with the deployment of the image recognition software.

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