Google Arts and Culture selfie artwork matching functionality rolled out in India

Google Arts and Culture

Google introduced a capability to search for possible matching artworks based on the captured selfie with the help of Google Arts and Culture app. The feature was introduced in the US and now the selfie feature is available for users based in India.

Google Arts and Culture app will automatically match user selfie with art from a wide range of collections of museums available on the platform. Your selfie will be delivered to Google and the system will match all possible options before presenting to you the best three artwork that matches your face specifications.

Google Arts and Culture app make use of the computer vision technology to match a selfie with an artwork from a huge database. As a user, you need to focus your face for a selfie from within the app and capture it. The rest of the work is automatically carried out by the app by making use of the best technology to match the face with the images from within the database.

Even though the application makes an attempt to find a suitable match, the app displays an estimated percentage of visual similarity between the face and the artwork. The new feature is launched to establish a new way to connect with the community and also to provide people with something to cheer about.

According to Google, nearly 30 million selfies have been captured using the Google Arts and Culture app ever since its introduction in the US a few days back. Based on the huge success of the app, the company has rolled out the capability to countries like India.

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With the help of the Google Arts and Culture selfie artwork feature, you will be able to establish connectivity with more than 6000 exhibitions from over 1500+ museum partners from across 70 countries worldwide.

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