Apple iPhone X rumored to discontinue in Q2 2018

iPhone X

It’s shocking. Apple iPhone X, the premium smartphone released by Apple in 2017 will no longer be available from Q2 2018. The news was revealed by the popular Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo. There are reports that the Cupertino-based tech giant will release iPhone X2 in September 2018 along with iPhone 9.

According to Kuo, the Apple iPhone X will meet the end of life in Summer 2018 and will be discontinued from the production. The main reason for the move is attributed to the fact that the sales of iPhone X are not as expected by the company.

People are reluctant to purchase the expensive iPhone X when competing companies such as Xiaomi have released bezel-less smartphone at half the price. When you can buy two units of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, there is no point in investing for expensive iPhone with just an OLED display. Moreover, the software integrated with the iPhone X will be outdated after few years and the iPhone X will be of no value after 5 to 10 years.

Kuo added that the company will most likely ship 18 million iPhone X smartphones in the Q1 2018. He confirmed that the smartphone is not popular and successful in China like in the US. From our point of view, the reason is due to the huge flood of Chinese companies who have taken one step ahead to manufacture smartphones with the trending bezel-less display at budget prices.

In his note, Kuo revealed that the iPhone 8 Plus is the optimum replacement for the expensive iPhone X. Based on rumors, Apple will unveil three iPhones in 2018 with full vision bezel-less display. However, the default iPhone 9 will be integrated with the standard LED display. The reports indicate that the iPhone 9 Plus will be infused with the OLED display.

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It is expected that the company will push the Plus variant in 2018 with enhanced technologies. Kuo said there will be an overall growth of 10 percent in 2018, especially after the launch of the iPhones in September. There will be a dip in sales of iPhone 8 series since people will wait until September for the new release.

Even if Apple decides to discontinue iPhone X, you will be able to buy the device for the whole of this year until stocks exist. There is a great possibility of a drastic price reduction within the next few months in a bid to push sales.

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