Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones Review: Lightweight and powerful

Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones

With the rapid growth of smartphones, earphones have become an inevitable part. Gone are days where the manufacturers used to bundle their own earphones inside the smartphone product packages. The advantage of this option is that you have a choice to buy an earphone based on your requirement.

Even though the standard earphones are available in plenty, it would be better if you invest few more money to buy advanced in-ear earphones such as Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones. The main attraction of the Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones is the addition of active dual dynamic driver coupled with balanced armature technology. We have been working with the Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones for the last few days. The product has been launched in China and is available for purchase on Banggood.

Unboxing – Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones

The product package consists of the following

  • Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones
  • 3 pairs of earbuds inside the transparent box + 1 pair installed on the earphone
  • User manual
  • Carrybag (Premium quality)

Xiaomi has packaged the earphone very well. The Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones are enclosed and wrapped nicely in the small square grey colored padded stuff. Inside the box, the company has placed three sets of earbuds, which you can use as per the condition of your ear.

Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones

The user manual is longer than we expected and the language used was mostly Chinese. However, the company also provided the required instructions in English as well. Like in the case of the smartphone manuals, the font size was small but well enough to read. We font is difficult to read the specifications mentioned on the rear of the box due to the glossy nature.

Features of Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones

The Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones are integrated with a dual dynamic driver with the balanced armature. Xiaomi claims that they have embedded innovative acoustic system active noise cancelling to eliminate background noise. It is possible to adjust the noise cancelling effect manually using the control located on the sidebar.

While the metal clip is designed using aluminum alloy, the cable is manufactured using TPE coated material not only to ensure drability but also to prevent jammings.

The Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones is powered by a 55mAh battery, which is said to be capable of delivering a working time of over 12 hours. Hence, you can charge and use the earphone on a long flight journey. Xiaomi has designed the earphone with soft earmuffs with perfect oblique in-ear angle, which will not cause any pain even if you use it for an extended time.

Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones

The company has employed premium Aluminum alloy material with CNC finishing. The cable is manufactured to prevent jamming like other competing earphones. Moreover, the product package includes a free carrybag, which you can make use of to carry the earphone on the go.


To work with the Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones, you need to carefully remove the headphone from the provided padded stuff. If you remove the earpads and metal clip controller, the rest of the cable will come out easily. The clip enables you to use the earphone by inserting on the top of your shirt. Moreover, it includes relevant controls to work with the Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones such as volume adjustment and shuffling of tracks.

Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones

On the side, you will find three noise cancelling levels, which you can adjust based on the ambient noise. There are two levels and the green indicator will glow indicating that the noise cancellation has been activated. If the light is not green, you have to charge the earphone. The product is a wired earphone without Bluetooth functionality but charging is required for the noise cancellation to work properly.

You will find three rounded controls on the top of the metal clip holder. You can play and shuffle songs including the ability to adjust volume. When we increased the volume, the device gave an alert by stating that increase in volume will hurt the ears. However, we proceed and the function worked. The shuffling function worked during our testing. You need not have to tap on the song name from the connected smartphone.

Noise cancellation

We tested the noise cancellation functionality of the Xiaomi Active Noise Cancelling Earphone under all scenarios. We could still hear minor noises from outside even when the cancellation is set to high. However, the sound produced by the earphone is crystal clear without any distortion.

We adjusted the ANC switch included with the Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones. However, we are unable to experience any difference between high and low noise levels. We tested not only songs and videos located on the phone but also YouTube songs and videos. The earphone really produces high-resolution audio, which will help you to enjoy on the go. We can hear the audio clearly even when used under extremely noisy environment. If you are under a speedy ceiling fan or inside a train, then you will hear the output from the song clearly without any distortion.

Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones Earbuds

The earbuds included along with the Xiaomi Active Noise Cancelling Earphone are very soft and excellent. You can easily change the buds included with the small plastic box based on the requirements. You have to place the earphone inside the ear to avoid falling.

Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones

Initially, there will be a minor problem but once you get used to it, you can use it very easily. The overall weight of the earphone is pretty much less than the products we tested before. We would suggest you plug the metal pin on top of your shirt for the best experience and also to reduce the friction.


If you would like to experience premium audio directly on to your ear, you should test drive Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones. With the help of the product, you can enjoy high-quality sound without disturbing others while on the go. Moreover, the integration of noise cancellation effect adds extra punch to the overall value but it doesn’t provide any surprises. You can just expect to hear clear audio while there will be minor ambient noises in the background.

That said, if you are on a lookout for a high quality branded in-ear earphone, you should test drive Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones available exclusively on Banggood by selecting the buy now button below. The product is only available in China but you can place an order from anywhere in the world if you are willing to pay $63.

We can arrange a discount coupon for you. Please contact us using the below comment form and we will try to keep in touch with you.

Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones

Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones







        Noise cancellation




            User Manual



              • Lightweight
              • Three pairs of earbuds
              • Soft earbuds
              • Metal clip holder
              • Noise cancelling adjustment
              • Volume adjustment
              • Easy to shuffle songs
              • Clear Audio
              • Premium Carrybag


              • Lack of microphone
              • Average noise cancellation
              • Lack of Bluetooth
              • Expensive

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