Asus Zenfone 5 confirmed to launch at MWC 2018 – #Backto5

Asus Backto5

With less than 25 days left for the MWC 2018 event, Asus is gearing up to launch a wide range of Asus Zenfone 5 series smartphones with trending features and specifications. The company took to Twitter and shared the information that the launch event has been scheduled for February 27, 2018.

According to the teaser posted on the official Twitter account, the company prompts users to save February 27 with the hashtag #MWC18. Moreover, Asus also mentions the hashtag #Backto5 along with a shortened link, which reveals more information.

On the website, we can spot a timer that indicates that there are 25 days left for the commencement of the event. The launch will occur at 19.30CET and the whole press event will be live streamed.

Backto5 countdown

Towards the bottom, the company had posted a photo with the tag “We love Photo“. We expect that the upcoming Asus Zenfone 5 series will have new features oriented for photo enthusiasts.

It is to be noted that Asus had launched Zenfone 5 in 2014. A quick check on GSMArena with the keyword “asus zenfone 5” reveals a whole list of Zenfone 5 series smartphones. The company will most likely use Asus Zenfone 5 (2018) to distinguish between the previous and the new devices. With the hashtag #Backto5, it looks like the Taiwan-based company is reinventing the wheels back by planning to introduce another set of Zenfone 5 smartphones.

It remains to be seen as to when Asus will launch Zenfone 6. Technically, the company would have to launch the Zenfone 6 in 2018 followed by Zenfone 6 in 2019. We wonder why the company has taken the initiative to name the upcoming devices as Zenfone 5.

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Will it not create a confusion among people? Moreover, Asus should fix the prices in such a way to suit the budget users. The current prices of Asus-branded smartphones are not as per market standards and there are several other competing devices available for less price.

We don’t have any information about the features and specifications of the forthcoming Asus Zenfone 5. However, the We Love Photo tagline on the landing page clearly gives a hint that the devices will be integrated with powerful camera sensors. Like in the case of the previous years, Asus will also launch an exclusive handset for Selfie enthusiasts.

We can expect the addition of a full display with 18:9 aspect ratio and dual camera sensors on not only the rear but also on the front. That being said, the Zenfone 5 series will be pre-loaded with Android 8.0 Oreo with power saving capabilities.

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