Renault Trezor and ZOE e-Sport electric cars showcased at Auto Expo 2018

Renault Trezor

Renault showcased concept designs of the upcoming TREZOR and ZOE e-Sport electric cars at the Auto Expo 2018 and also outlined future roadmap. The company sources revealed to us that they are waiting keenly to know about the roadmap and policy of the Government for the development of electric vehicles in India.

The TREZOR is a two-seater electric coupe with 4.7-metre long and 2.18-metre wide. The height of the vehicle is 1.08-metre. However, ZOE e-Sport Concept is a full-fledged electric concept vehicle designed using lightweight carbon fibre. The company claims that the ZOE e-Sport is capable of delivering 100kph acceleration within 3.2 seconds.

During the Auto Expo 2018, Renault also showcased Formula One car R.S. 17, which is developed by the Renault Sport Formula One Team. In addition to concept electric cars, the company also unveiled a wide range of Kwid Super Hero Edition.

Commenting on the development, Sumit Sawhney disclosed that the company is committed to introducing vehicles based on latest design and technology. The upcoming trend is towards the design and manufacture of electric and connected cars. He added that the company is optimistic about the future plans for India, which is one of the main markets for them.

Sawhney said that Government should formulate clear policy regarding the usage of electric vehicles and provides adequate R&D and incentives. There should be a clear infrastructure to enable the company to design, test and produce electric vehicles.

According to estimates, India will be the third largest automotive market by 2021 and the company is serious about the evolution of electric vehicles. The need of the hour is the development of affordable electric vehicles and the company is working on it.

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