LG Television plagued with serious security problem: Find out more

LG Television

We recently purchased a brand new LG Television from an LG official store after the display of our Panasonic Television failed miserably all of a sudden. Even though the display and sound clarity are good, we are highly disappointed with the supplied remote control bundled with the product package.

The main problem is that the remote control provided with the LG Television works in all directions. I initially played with the remote control by placing the Infrared port facing the Television and it worked perfectly.

LG Electronics

After a while, I started to test the remote control out of interest since I am a technology journalist. When I worked with the remote by placing the Infrared port in the opposite direction, the Television started to work.

LG Television

I was totally stunned because the Infrared port is not at all facing the Television. Moreover, the Television is working even if I hold the remote in the horizontal direction. In short, the TV remote works in all directions irrespective of the port.

LG Electronics

The remote control provided with the set-top box is working normally. Hence, the real problem is with the LG Television remote control. We had worked with Panasonic Television and never found any problem like this.

From my point of view, LG’s quality control department has miserably failed to test the functions of the remote control. It remains to be seen as to whether this will cause any health hazard. We expect the company to take possible action immediately to prevent these kinds of bad reviews from customers.

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