Amazon Echo Smart Speakers Now Available Without Invitation

Amazon Echo Dot

If you would like to purchase Amazon Echo smart speakers, you should not have to wait for an invite. This is because the company has removed the invitation system. Hence, you can purchase the speakers anytime.

During Diwali, Amazon introduced Echo smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Plus in India. Amazon initially provided a discount of 30 percent for the Echo series speakers. The e-commerce giant removed the offer in January 2018. Moreover, customers were provided with one year Amazon Prime membership free of cost.

With the introduction of general availability of Amazon Echo speakers, the initial offers have been removed. Hence, you will not be able to avail 30 percent discount and Amazon Prime membership. If you had purchased in 2017, you were lucky to grab the smart speakers for an unbeatable price. We expect the company to slash the pricing for the upcoming Easter or Independence Day.

While Amazon Echo Dot is available for Rs. 4499, the Amazon Echo is priced at Rs. 9999. The large sized Amazon Echo Plus is currently priced at Rs. 14999 without any offers. Amazon should continue to throw in offers to boost the sales. It remains to be seen as to whether the company will reduce the cost within the next few months.

The main functionality with all the three speakers are the same. The system works via Amazon Alexa voice assistant, which automatically fetches answers to your queries. The possibilities are endless with Amazon Echo speakers since you can virtually perform all the associated tasks easily.

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You can set alarm, timer or play music via Amazon Music or Saavn. Moreover, it is also possible to remote control your Television via Amazon Echo. You just need to install the required skill and perform the initial setup. It is also possible to enable specific skills such as to play waterfall sound for 30 minutes and much more. You can ask Alexa to tell a joke, book a cab ride including the ability to work with lights and home appliances.

The advantage of Echo series speaker is the integration of far-field recognition technology coupled with seven microphones with beam-forming technology and noise cancellation. We tested Echo Dot and found that the far-field recognition works perfectly without any problem.

Amazon also announced that the Echo range of speakers will also be available through offline retail shops. If you wait for sometime, you will get discount from Amazon. The company will surely slash the price or provide 30 percent discount during the first anniversary during the upcoming Diwali 2018.

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