Emergency SOS feature in Apple Watch saves woman and child after fatal collision

Apple Watch

The emergency SOS functionality included with the Apple Watch has saved a woman and child after the fatal collision. When Kacie Anderson stopped her car at a red light in late 2017, her vehicle was severely hit from the rear side by a drunk driver. The car automatically started by the force of the clash and the vehicle came to a stop after traveling a long distance.

Kacio suffered serious injuries since her face smashed the steering wheel, headrest, and back to the steering wheel. After that, her face smashed the window. She was blacked out for few minutes and could not view anything. Responding to Shape, her eyes were wide open and she was blacked out for few minutes.

Even though Kacio attempted to reach out to her iPhone, she managed to quickly realize the Apple watch on her hand and commanded it to call 911.

Emergency SOS

The watchOS 3 integrated with Apple Watch includes an Emergency SOS feature, which can be activated by holding the side button for six seconds. Once activated, the Apple Watch will establish connectivity with an LTE connection or via a linked smartphone.

While Anderson suffered serious injuries such as a severe concussion, brain swelling, and bulging disks, the child in the card escaped with minor bruising and scrapes because of the seat belt protection. Kacio is still undergoing treatment for the injuries she suffered as a result of the collision and thanked Apple for implementing the Emergency SOS functionality.

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