Google processes 40000 search queries per second, says BSNL


BSNL, the state-owned telecommunications company has disclosed that Google processes over 40000 search queries every second. Hence, the total volume of searches on Google per day equates to 3.5 billion. Moreover, the overall searches per year globally are accounted at 1.5 trillion.

The company took to Twitter and revealed the information. However, the actual source of the statistics is via, which is not associated with the telecom provider. If you navigate to the website, you will know the statistics counters. However, we don’t have any information about the accuracy of the data.

Tagged with #DoYouKnow hashtag, Google is used by several people around the world to fetch information. Alternatively, people make use of Google Assistant to search for information via voice. Google has been involved in the development of free Wi-Fi services in major railway stations across India in partnership with Railtel.

BSNL also announced the launch of STV 99 and STV 219 plans with effect from February 20, 2018. The STV 99 plan enables you to enjoy unlimited voice on both local and STD including via any-net in Home LSA networks. However, the STV 319 plan provides national roaming facility along with customized ringback tone. While the STV 99 plan is valid for 26 days, the STV 319 will expire after 90 days from the day of recharge.

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Recently, BSNL stormed into the 4G world with the launch of the mobile service in few parts of Idukki using 3G spectrum. The company also announced the launch of the 4G mobile in Arunachal Pradesh. If rumors are to be believed, we can expect the rollout of 4G mobile services across India by the end of 2018.

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