Vodafone inks partnership with Mango to build digital fitting rooms

Mango digital fitting rooms

Vodafone has announced a partnership with Mango to introduce digital fitting rooms to the company’s top stores worldwide. The digital fitting room has been designed around a new Internet of Things (IoT) digital mirror designed by Mango and developed by Vodafone in association with Jogotech.

The new digital fitting rooms enable the shopper to scan the clothes tags in the fitting room and establish contact with the shop floor staff directly from the mirror, through a digital watch, to request different sizes or colors. The highlight of the new mechanism is that the mirror will also provide recommendations regarding additional clothes to complement the original choice.

The main aim of Mango is to extend the digital fitting room to its top stores, from Barcelona to New York. Moreover, the new technology will seamlessly blend not only online but also real-world shopping experiences for the Mango customers. According to reports, the digital fitting rooms will be the first ever digital transformation project to create new ways for customers to engage and relate to the brand.

Commenting on the development, Vodafone Director of Internet of Things Stefano Gastaut disclosed that the project will help in adding more power at the shopper’s fingertips. Moreover, it will bring the company closer to its fashion-conscious shoppers and offer them more options and experiences than a conventional fitting room.

Responding to media queries, Mango’s Chief Client Officer Guillermo Corominas said that this is a really exciting project for the company. The future of retailing will be a blend of both offline and online based activities. The new digital fitting rooms are a step in right direction to transform the store experience digitally. The end result is to create a personalized customer experience.

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