Dacom P10 Flying Fish Headset Review: Performance Reloaded

Dacom P10 Flying Fish

You will find plenty of wired and Bluetooth-enabled earphones on the market. We have already reviewed earphones manufactured by companies such as MGCOOL and Xiaomi. However, Dacom has designed a unique earphone which not only serves as a simple Bluetooth earphone but also as an MP3 player. Yes. Dacom P10 Flying Fish headset is a revolutionary product with which you will be able to load more than 100 songs and listen to them whenever required without depending on the smartphone or tablet. We received a review unit of the earphone and have been working it for the last few days.

Dacom P10 Flying Fish Unboxing

The Dacom P10 Flying Fish headset product package consists of the earphone (red color), extra pair of earbuds, USB cable and user manual. The earphone is packaged well in an airtight box. The length of the USB charging and data cable are sufficiently long enough.

Dacom P10 Flying Fish


Unlike other standard Bluetooth-enabled earphones, the Dacom P10 includes an integrated MP3 player. You will be able to use the earphone without using Bluetooth or any device. Moreover, you can store more than 100 songs in the earphone because of the 512MB storage capacity. In the MP3 mode, it is possible to listen to music without a mobile phone. If you enable Bluetooth mode, you will be able to enjoy songs from your device.

The Dacom P10 also enables you to answer and hang off the phone including voice chat. The earphone provides support for APT-X lossless technology and Bluetooth V4.2. The big advantage of the earphone is the addition of water-resistant functionality via IPX7 technology. The headset is designed using premium materials and the wire looks highly durable.

Dacom P10 Flying Fish

The Dacom P10 Flying Fish headset is also resistant to water via IPX7 technology. Hence, you can work with the headset while swimming. We washed the headset in running water and the accessory worked perfectly without any damage.

Dacom P10 Flying Fish Working

To work with Dacom P10 Flying Fish headset, you need to open the product package and establish connectivity with Bluetooth. You should long press the MFB button for 5 to 8 seconds and the earphone will enter Bluetooth mode. You will view flashing LEDs and the unit is ready for use. We connected Dacom P10 with Honor 6X and it worked without any problem.

Powering on

You should long press the MFB button for about 5 seconds until the Blue LED glows. If you would like to switch off the earphone, you need to long press the MFB button until the Red LED lights up. The Dacom P10 earphone will be switched off. If you double click the MFB button, the MP3 songs stores inside the earphone will automatically play. It is also possible to pair the headset with up to 2 devices. The user manual has provided detailed instructions regarding the required steps.

Dacom P10 Flying Fish

Initially, we navigated to Bluetooth section and paired the headset. We saw few long numbers alongside the earphone symbol. The phone immediately pairs with the headset and the earphone vibrates. You can then navigate to a song on your connected device and plugin the earphone. Initially, you will have some difficulty to use the earphone but you have to adjust to it. If the provided earcaps are uncomfortable, then you can switch to two pairs of soft silicone earcaps bundled with the product package.

We found that the quality of the sound produced by the Dacom P10 Flying Fish headset is exceptional and on par with top quality stereo speakers. We could hear clear audio without any distortion. You can adjust the volume by pressing the + and – controls. Even in low volume, the headset produced good sound quality.

MP3 Player

The Dacom P10 Flying Fish headset also serves as an MP3 player by double-clicking the MFB button in the standby mode. We established connectivity with the laptop and noticed that the players include 1 GB of total storage capacity. The unit also comes with few Chinese MP3 songs. We were able to hear the music clearly without any distortion. If you would like to shuffle songs, you can do so by long pressing Vol+ and Vol- buttons. The sound clarity is excellent and is equivalent to that of the other premium headsets.

Dacom P10 Flying Fish

Dacom P10 Flying Fish Range

We found that the Dacom P10 Flying Fish headset works across several rooms without compromising sound quality. Even if we reached another room, which is far away from the original device, the headset rendered good voice with excellent clarity. However, we noticed distortion when we reached the far end of another room or by closing the door. You will not face the problem if you carry the device with you along with the headset. Moreover, the headset doesn’t add any extra weight to the ears and are soft as well.

We charged the headset within one hour by connecting it to the Laptop. Unlike in the competing headsets, the USB cable is sufficiently lengthy and can be charged easily. We also copied few MP3 songs to the headset and it synced perfectly. The overall quality of the cable is excellent.

The user manual is bit shiny and hence we found it difficult to read content. I would appreciate if the manufacturer increases the font size for easy readability.


If you would like to enjoy unlimited music coupled with MP3 playing ability, you should purchase Dacom P10 Flying Fish headset. You will not regret because the quality of the sound produced by the system is of good quality. We have never seen a product, which serves as a combination of headset and MP3 player. Dacom has done a good job to bring something new to the customers. The product is priced at $34 and is serves justice for the features.

Dacom P10

Dacom P10







        Sound quality




            User Manual


              Cable Length



                • Lightweight
                • Easy to use
                • Serves as an MP3 player (without smartphone)
                • Premium sound quality
                • Lengthy USB cable
                • Extra pair of soft earcaps
                • Good packaging
                • Detailed user manual
                • Budget Friendly


                • Hard buttons

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