Top five Clipboard Android apps you should try right now


The concept of Clipboard exists since the early Windows 3.1 era. With the evolution of Android platform, you can easily copy and paste content on your smartphone. For example, you can copy content from Chrome and paste it into your email. When you cut or copy content from any source such as Microsoft Word or during web browsing, they are automatically placed on the clipboard. The content can then be pasted into the location you prefer. However, if you copy content again then the first copied content will be erased. You will be able to paste the recently copied content on the desired location.

Even you can’t be able to view the content you copied initially, it still exists in the memory. The Android platform doesn’t ship with any apps to view the copied content on the clipboard. However, you can download plenty of Clipboard apps from the Google Play Store using which you can view the content you copied anytime. The beauty of the apps is that you can view the content even though you shut down the smartphone. In this article, we will examine the top five Clipboard apps available on Google Play Store.

Clipper: Floating Clipboard (Our Rating: 5/5)

Clipper is an advanced clipboard manager. The beauty of this app is that you can view each copied content inside floating clip window. You just need to click on the clip and the corresponding content will be displayed in full. If you copy content two times, you will view two clippers. It is possible to drag and drop them wherever you want. We found this app as highly useful and trendy instead of plain old stuff.

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My Clipboard

My Clipboard is a powerful clipboard manager, which automatically stores the content you copy. You can access your history with the ability to view, edit and share contents. The disadvantage of this app is that you can only store few portions of text instead of full content. Moreover, the app only stores 500 pieces of content, which is sufficient for normal usage. You can change the default count from the Settings option. It is possible to sort content by selecting the icon located on the top left side including the ability to change colors.

Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Manager is a simple app using which you can not only manage clipboard but also access past history. You can create unlimited categories, save unlimited notes in addition to saving note from the board. The advantage of this app is that you can view the complete copied content instead of only a few in the previous app. You can also automatically backup data to the cloud. The problem with this app is the placement of advertisements.

Clipper – Clipboard Manager

Clipper automatically saves content you copy with the ability to organize clippings in lists. Initially, the app shows few portions of the text but if you select the icon on the right-hand side and select View option, you will see the full text. The drawback of the app is that it only stores 20 clippings and the automatic cleanup has been enabled. If you upgrade to Clipper Plus, you can work with features such as online sync, unlimited clippings including dynamic values.

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CopyClip – Clipboard Manager

CopyClip is a powerful manager, which helps you to automatically save content you copy. It is possible to pin your favorite clippings to enable you to save content for future consumption. You can set the number of items that you need to save in your recent and pinned buffer. You will view few potions of the content and there is no way to view the complete text. However, if you select Edit, you can not only view complete content but also edit them.


If you navigate Google Play Store, you will view plenty of clipboard based apps. We downloaded all the above apps, tested it before publishing the content. You can download the app by searching with the title of the app on the Play Store. Do you have any interesting clipboard app to share? Please leave a message below and we will include the app in the next edition of this article.

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