Apple glass walls at US$5 billion campus ignites 911 calls

Apple glass walls

Apple is in the news for all the wrong reasons. According to reports, at least three employees of the iPhone manufacturer is currently undergoing treatment after they reportedly crashed into glass walls.

The incident occurred at the newly designed spaceship campus, which was being constructed at a cost of US$5 billion. The campus features a huge glass-walled building coupled with energy efficient lighting. Moreover, the campus comprises of a 100,000 sq ft fitness center surrounded by orchard, meadows and a pond.

Even though the campus offers excellent facilities, few employees are facing problems. The reports suggest that three 911 calls erupted from the Apple Park campus after employees walked into the building and hit the glass walls. It will be highly difficult to recognize whether the glass is resent or not unless employees carefully touch the wall and enter the office.

While the first two emergency calls were dialed in January, the third call was made after 48 hours. A 20-year old employee collided with a glass panel, which caused serious injuries to his brow. In the second incident, a person smashed into a glass window in such a way that it required him to have several stitches to close his wound. The incident has been confirmed by the employees.

We feel that there should be some sign to signify that there is a glass window and the movement should be slow. Interestingly, the company has placed rectangular stickers on the glass panes to prevent people from walking into the glass walls accidentally.

Meanwhile, Foster and Partners who designed and developed the Apple’s headquarters were not available for comment. The building has been designed in a curved glass enclosure exclusively to inspire creativity and collaboration.

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