Amazon Alexa laughing problem without any reason via Echo fixed

Amazon Alexa

No doubt, Amazon Alexa is one of the best smart speakers with amazing capabilities. You can activate it by saying the command Alexa. The latest news is that Amazon Alexa integrated with Echo speakers has been laughing without any reason. Interestingly, the e-commerce giant had issued a patch to fix the issue.

According to users, the Alexa assistant is laughing without any reason. There are reports that Alexa is laughing after the user prompts it to switch on the lights. meanwhile, @DavidSvenwrote took to Twitter and revealed that he was having an office discussion about a confidential matter and Alexa just laughed.

Another Twitter user @taylorkatelynne disclosed that his mother and himself were just sitting in the living room and Alexa accidentally got activated and laughed. the speaker initiated the laugh without any commands from the user.

In a statement released to the press, Amazon revealed that Alexa can easily be mistaken the phrase “Alexa, laugh”. The company is currently working to disable the command and changing it with something liked “Alexa, can you laugh?” Moreover, Amazon will also modify the response. Instead of directly laughing after the command, Alexa will first say “sure, I can laugh” followed by the laughing command. We tested the functionality and Amazon had indeed issued the fix.

Amazon doesn’t provide an estimated number of customers who have been affected. The company also not yet revealed as to why the speaker is laughing when users are not providing it with comments.

Amazon had launched echo, echo dot speakers in India and was accepted widely. The speaker created a huge revolution since it changed the way users work on a daily basis. In addition to music playback, the Amazon Alexa provides the ability to manage lightings and other appliances just by using voice. for instance, you can switch on the television by syncing the set with the echo speakers. Amazon also launched music streaming service and is available free of cost for Amazon Prime users.

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